Biostorage, that is, storing valuable and critical biological materials such as plasma or cells in a safe and compliant manner is business essential. By adhering to the principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) in setting up and maintaining the Biostorage, in combination with secure facilities, and power backup your sample are  safe hands at ClinStorage. This is where Biostorage comes into use.

Overall, your products need to be stored in a way so that they are safe, and at the same time protected from harm or damage, to itself or to other surroundings. Biostorage, as set up at ClinStorage helps to contain the material in the exact specification that is needed, to protect the product and make sure that it is handled correctly based upon the material in question.

Why Biostorage plays a crucial part in any cell production facility?

When creating a product within your factory or facility, you will want to make sure that it is safe and protected against outside forces. If something in the chain is broken, or if your product is destroyed, it can often be a very gruesome or a costly procedure. The Biostorage method raises the quality assurance and helps strengthen your production routines, and ascertain that the Master Cell Banks and Working Cell Banks can deliver as expected.

Biostorage helps contain your product in the right environment and stores it in the proper conditions, depending on the material in question. It helps you stabilize the production, all the way from start to finish, without worrying about any damages or errors caused by inefficiently storing sensitive materials.

Biostorage creates confidence and reliance in biological manufacturing

Would it not be great to have complete confidence in your finished product, when it comes to standards and quality? When using Biostorage, you can be sure that everything is completely safe and secure for the patient, project and business.

Proper storage in the best possible environment ensures a high quality and sustainable product. A product that adheres to the highest standards and are up to date with the latest certifications. Biostorage creates confidence and reliance!


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