Clinical samples can be used for research on your products and materials, to isolate the substance, and to benefit fully the samples have to be handle and store it in a safe and effective way. Samples of your product can either be stored away for later, or be shipped to other research facilities for further processing and analysis.

By taking clinical samples of the material in question, you can specifically work and handle it efficiently and safely – and perfect your substance from the newly developed material to a finished product. And learn characteristic of your product and its biotransformation and how this relate to the therapeutic aim.

When taking clinical samples, you can work with small aliquots of your clinical samples for further examinations. By aliquoting in small volumes up stream close to the primary sampling (at patient) this will limited the need for several freeze/thawing cycles which in itself can have unwanted and non-controllable effects of the possibility to interpret your samples.

Why clinical samples should be a vital part in understanding the disease?

By taking clinical test samples, you can easily spot errors and see mistakes early on. Get reliable data on biotransformations, but also gain insight related to biomarkers and establishing biomarkers suitable as diagnostic markers accompanying the registration of your medicinal product. To fully utilise the full potential of your clinical samples the handling and storage must be state of the art. We at ClinStorage adheres to GMP for storage thereby providing the best environment for storage of clinical samples.

How clinical samples helps you in the research process?

Evidently clinical samples are essential and a must during drug development. However, what have become increasingly transparent over the last decade is the benefit of not only sampling addressing clinical end points, but sampling to generate to get a more profound knowledge of the disease. This is manifested in bring clinical samples into biobanks (long term storage) and taking advantage of the rapid growth disease knowledge generated by various research teams worldwide and your organisations efforts.  

By storing your clinical samples at ClinStorage, you are not only having a safe and compliant storage but also a cost effective and fast retrieval process of your clinical samples. This means that you will be able to spread your research area much more easily and efficiently. By doing so you will be able to deliver your result to a wider range of the population.


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