Looking for more information regarding GMP storage Sweden? GMP is short for Good Manufacturing Practice, storage in Sweden is required to be able to store, audit and distribute pharmaceutical and biological substances. With a certified, state of the art GMP storage in Sweden, we can meet all needs for the specific sample, which could be everything from biological substances to drugs and other materials.

Why safe and compliant GMP storage Sweden is critical to your production?

When creating, and distributing a substance or material widely, you have to be certain that the material is safe, and handled correctly. This is accomplished by following the specific instructions provided for the substance, for example the right room temperature or specified ultra temperature storage.

GMP storage Sweden not only makes your product secure and safe, but it also strictly follows the regulations to mitigate the risk of damage or exposure to unwanted environments. This ensures the safety of your material and samples, and secures the actual use of the drug or substance itself. You can rest assured that every detail is taken care of by using GMP storage Sweden.

A GMP storage in Sweden that covers all aspects of the production

Without needing to use other companies for storage and distribution in different stages of production, this GMP storage at ClinStorage covers all aspects of the process. This means everything from packaging and labelling the products, to dispensing, transporting, and delivering the right product at the right time can be managed at ClinStorage. This ensures that your product or material is safe under the transportation, and that it is handled correctly.

This GMP storage in Sweden that covers all aspects of the process is unique, and is certified by the Swedish Medical Products Agency. This means that you can be certain that your product is taken care of and is safe – all day and all year round.



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