ClinStorage provide a storage facility for your valuable biological samples and pharmaceutical substances/products for either short or long term. We can act as a back-up storage solution when your samples are at risk i.e. power cuts or freezer break down.

With ClinStorage´s Rescue insurance agreement agreed volumes could be stored at ClinStorage while your storage equipment undergoes repairs and/or being replaced We can arrange for secure transportation to our facility.

Together with our transport partner World Courier we fulfill the requirements for Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Biobanks, Public or non-public can be safety stored at according to the principles applied at certified Tissue banks (Vävnadsinrättning). ClinStorage can also be a hub for further distribution of pharmaceuticals drugs for sale in Europe. If you have large-scale storage capacity needs at refrigerator temperature or below zero Celsius degree, we are interested to discuss suitable solutions.

For more detailed information about ClinStorage capability please check the following menus at Services and Storage:

  • What, why and when to store?
  • At what conditions can we store
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