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The storage of samples of for example biological materials or pharmaceutical products, needs to be done under specific and secure conditions, so if you are looking for a company that does this, you need to look no further. ClinStorage has the capacity to offer everything that might be required for a perfectly secure storage of samples, as well as handling, distribution and transportation. We can guarantee the safety of your samples, whether stored for shorter or longer periods of time. The temperature in our high-security facility is being monitored 24/7 with safety backup such as our own diesel generator for extra protection.

At ClinStorage we use a variety of conditions for materials to be stored under, like room temperature, refrigerator temperatures at 5°C, freezer temperatures at -20°C, ultralow temperature freezer at -80°C and down to -150°C and LN2 (liquid nitrogen). But storing conditions can be modified to meet any specific needs your samples may have. You can read more about how we work at

Because we take what we do seriously, ClinStorage is both GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, and this means that you can trust us to treat any substance according to its needs, and that we follow strict regulations to keep the samples in storage safe from any potential threats.

Whichever special requirements your samples have, we can adjust all handling, transportation and storing of your materials for easy and risk-free storage of samples.

When you use ClinStorage for storage of samples, we aim to make the experience as easy as possible, which is why we have the means to take care of all the steps on the way. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our work with storage of samples.

Safe and secure storage


ClinStorage provides safe and secure storage facility according to GMP standard for your valuable biological samples and pharmaceutical substances/products. The GMP standards are applicable for GLP and GCP samples.

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Our service


Storage, from room temperature down to -150º C and LN2. Dispensing and packaging, with sample management. Transportation and cold chain logistics. Batch release and certification (QP Release).

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The storage service includes high security with facility access control and temperature monitored 24/7, including power backup. We offer comprehensive “one-stop-shop” services related to storage and distribution.

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Clin Storage

ClinStorage AB, a privately owned public company, was founded and is led by Ola Camber, PhD, Assoc Prof and Sven Jacobsson PhD, Prof. Both have together more than half a century of experience from the pharmaceutical industry such as Pharmacia, AstraZeneca and Biotech companies.

Based on their experiences within assignments in big and small pharma they discovered an imminent need for freeze storage services.

ClinStorage is providing safe and compliant storage of valuable materials at defined conditions such as low and ultra low temperatures.

GMP certified by the Swedish Medical Products Agency

ClinStorage provides unique quality service with in depth knowledge, making us ideal partner for clients’ entire need for storage, release and distribution.

  • Storage of for example medicinal and investigational products, plasma, tissues and cells
  • Wholesale distributor for medicinal and investigational products
  • Batch release and certification (QP Release)
  • Import and batch release of medicinal and investigational
  • products from 3rd countries
  • GMP audits