Safe and Secure Storage


Safe and Secure Storage

Storage is where it all started for us. But we understood that we could help our customers with more services that is both complex and time consuming and therefore we added..

Clinical Services

…services such as packaging, labelling and weighing. This we do regardless if it´s naked vials or not in conditions from -20°C, +5°C to room temperature. 


QP and QA Services

…importation from outside EU. Since 2021 ClinStorage can help you import IMP into the EU and batch release by our QP.


Regulatory update!

In March 2022 ClinStorage was granted additional GMP & MIA (Manufacturing and Import Authorization) certifications by the Swedish MPA. []


Secondary packaging and labelling

In April 2021 ClinStorage was granted certification to perform secondary packaging and labelling of IMP. […]

Full service alliance

ClinStorage AB and MedicoRent Int. AB have entered a strategic partnership to form a full-service alliance, offering end to end clinical trial services including […]


A hub in the development of new medicines

"ClinStorage´s storage facilities are safe, strong and secure. They´re GDP and GMP certified and the company is skilled and easy to communicate with. We store both Working Cell Banks and Master Cell banks with ClinStorage."

Octapharma Strategic Purchaser, Marie Strandberg.