A Unique Collaboration To Enhance Biobank Sample Quality





ClinStorage AB and VizzDAT AB are joining forces to present BAM – Biobank Data Manager. BAM is the first app and cloud-based, platform independent LIMS application for Biobanks worldwide accompanying your sample collection/storage in your mobile device or tablet. BAM includes logging and storing samples at ClinStorage in given positions according to the real-life freezer structure as well as providing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and a Case Report Form (CRF) with the ability to collect patient and clinical data. The application format makes it ideal for the smaller scale biobank utilizing smartphone and tablet devices’ capabilities such as barcode scanning (1D and 2D) and GPS/location services.


ClinStorage: GMP certification renewed on expanded facilities

The Swedish MPA (Medical Products Agency) has renewed GMP certification for ClinStorage for another five years, including the company’s expanded storage facilities in Solna, Sweden. “ We are happy that the inspection went smoothly with no critical observations” says CEO Ola Camber.

 “We’re delighted to have been GMP certified again, including our new facilities“ says ClinStorage CEO Ola Camber “the inspection found we fully meet all regulatory demands. We are now fully GMP certified up to August 2024, meaning more storage capacity, certified longer.”

The recent expansion was driven by a 30% increase in new customers over the last 18 months, plus growing demand from existing customers. The company’s storage facilities in Solna, Sweden, is a stone’s throw from Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet medical university. The recent expansion also included the recruitment of a new Logistics and Compliance Manager, and a new Business Development Manager. (more…)

ClinStorage expands to meet 30% increase in new customers

ClinStorage has expanded its storage capacity and strategic manpower to meet a significant increase in demand, particularly for its low and ultra-low temperature storage. CEO Ola Camber: “With our new team and storage facilities, our capabilities have never been stronger. Our extensive knowledge means guaranteed security for our customers—we’re all set to keep growing.”  

ClinStorage has seen a 30% increase in new customers over the last 18 months, plus growing demand from existing customers. Consequently the company has recruited a new Logistics and Compliance Manager, and Business Development Manager. It has also expanded its existing storage facilities in Solna, Sweden, a stone’s throw from Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet medical university, and moved into a new, larger office space at the same locale. (more…)

Biorepository Sweden

Common for all non-clinical studies and clinical studies is the collection of biological samples such as urine, plasma, tissues, RNA, DNA, and cells. These clinical samples need to be stored under well-defined and secure conditions to generate information and knowledge from these materials at later stages. But not only storage conditions need to be well controlled, of equal importance is the handling of the sample when performing for example a visual inspection of samples at reception or cherry picking of samples for dispatch. Further, the conditions at shipment to and from the biorepository are critical from sample integrity and a quality point of view. (more…)

ClinStorage- a key player in the Breast Cancer study, Karma

ClinStorage, www.clinstorage.se is a proud delivery and service partner to the Karma project, www.karmastudien.se. The Karma Intervention Trial, Karisma, aims at identifying the optimal dose of an anti-hormonal drug substance that prevents breast cancer and comes with fewer side effects than the established dose.

The drug substance is used by breast cancer patients to lower the risk of a breast cancer recurrence. It has been shown that perfectly healthy women lower their risk of breast cancer by 50% if they use the drug substance. However, the drug substance is not used for prevention due to severe side effects. (more…)

Clinstorage expands its business – to meet the demands of the future

The last years there have a dramatic increase of biological material and samples that need to be stored and transported in a quality assured environment. As a consequence of this we have experienced an increased demand on our services. We are now planning to increase our capacity to be able to store mores samples and are also in in the middle of recruiting more personal to be able to keep the company’s high-quality profile. We are by this aiming to increase our business in storage of therapeutic cells (at -190°C) and distribution to clinical sites but also to strengthen our opportunities to give distribution services of all type of samples to clinical sites Worldwide. (more…)

New website

We have now launched our new website. The goal with the website has been to make it even easier for our visitors so find the correct information. Further more we have aimed to make it easy for our customers and visitors to get in contact with us.

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions regarding our services or the website.