ClinStorage: GMP certification renewed on expanded facilities

The Swedish MPA (Medical Products Agency) has renewed GMP certification for ClinStorage for another five years, including the company’s expanded storage facilities in Solna, Sweden. “ We are happy that the inspection went smoothly with no critical observations” says CEO Ola Camber.

 “We’re delighted to have been GMP certified again, including our new facilities“ says ClinStorage CEO Ola Camber “the inspection found we fully meet all regulatory demands. We are now fully GMP certified up to August 2024, meaning more storage capacity, certified longer.”

The recent expansion was driven by a 30% increase in new customers over the last 18 months, plus growing demand from existing customers. The company’s storage facilities in Solna, Sweden, is a stone’s throw from Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet medical university. The recent expansion also included the recruitment of a new Logistics and Compliance Manager, and a new Business Development Manager.

“A major part of the expansion is our ultra-low storage capacity at temperatures from -80 to -1960 C” says Ola Camber (Assoc. Prof in Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics) “one of our clients for example is one of the largest pharmaceutical developers of plasma-derived products in Europe. Our freezer and ultra-low offerings are a major benefit for them.”

ClinStorage Chief Operating Officer and co-founder Sven P. Jacobsson (PhD, Prof Em in Analytical Chemistry): “renewed GMP certification guarantees ongoing security for our clients, no matter what the substance, we can offer the best, and most secure solution for the client every time.”

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